Thursday, March 06, 2008

Continual questions, and backwards clarity

I'm a questioning kind of guy, and always try to see things from different perspectives. But I don't just question the beliefs and decisions of others, I mostly questions the beliefs and decisions of myself. Whenever I lack conviction on something serious, I try to have my mind changed as much as possible. After reading posts or articles from people convinced they are right, I begin to formulate an opinion, and take a side. This decision is far from concrete, and will likely come under fire from a contributor with a stake in the claim; me. I'll read something else that makes great counter-points, and decide that I need to revisit my decision, or change it entirely.

This could go on for months.

But each time I revisit opinions, I develop more of an understanding of the argument, and more clarity on the matter. This leads to stronger opinions, and better arguing on the subject matter. But no matter how firm my beliefs may be, there will always be that nagging voice who will insist that my entire idea development process was wrong from the beginning, and was SO wrong that I can't even see how wrong it is.

When this happens, I have to revisit all the data, and evidence that lead me to my conclusion, so I can see if I come to the same conclusion. Frankly, this is why I keep this blog. (in addition to posting the occasional odd contrivance for my future review and amusement)

I read my blog a lot. I like to dig through old posts, and remember what I said at a certain time, recall a time or phase of my life, and enjoy the good points I've made because I honestly forget them. I also use these excursions to remember why I hold a belief. Finding a pointed post on the subject matter is like a quick shot of clarity for which the dissenting voice can have no riposte.

This will be one of those posts.

From Liberty comes this reminder on just why people who support the constitution should not support McCain. This quote is sharply worded for good reason; because there is no response.

I do not vote for candidates who shit on our Constitution. Period.

You may argue that by NOT voting McCain, you're voting for Hilbama, but you'd be wrong. A vote is an affirmative action; it is not something that happens by mistake or by accident. A vote is also completely boolean; you either vote FOR someone or you don't. There is no gray area in your vote, and no matter how hard you picture Ronald Reagan when you push that button for McCain, you just accomplished the same thing as a McCain supporter who thinks the constitution is just a goddamned piece of paper.

Thank you, Liberty. For your clarity, candor, and curses.

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