Wednesday, March 12, 2008

"Perfect" security of RealID defeated by teens

Teens Using Real I.D. Cards To Get Into Bars

Seems RealID is a great idea in theory (just like many others) that cannot overcome the hurdle of (say it with me) implementation.

The government couldn't implement its way out of an inflated balloon with a needle.

This is the only thing that subdues my fears of an all-seeing Orwellian government; that the government is so poorly managed from the ground up (seriously, they get paid more to waste money) that it would be nothing short of impossible to turn this hodgepodge of people officially compelled to do the bare minimum into that monolithic government that good old Georgie imagined.

Of course, that doesn't keep it from trying.

While it might muster a strong showing of cohesion here or there, undoubtedly you will find that the initiative was lead by ONE person very close to the people implementing, who has usually been given a lot of slack on the leash. But much like the new hire who joins a company with the drive to change the long-standing tradition of failure; this kind of successful management will soon be quashed by those within the system who fear, more than anything else, being measured by their... *shudder* success *spit*

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