Monday, March 03, 2008

Suddenly, I can shoot revolvers!

I wasn't sure exactly why, but I was never really able to shoot revolvers. Initial attempts resulted in difficulty staying on the paper. Continued practice culminated in 12" groups at close range. I asked for some help from the range workers, and was given tips on technique. Groups shrunk slightly, but remained unacceptable. Meanwhile my automatic shooting continued to become better, and better.

I'm not sure if the gun fairy showed up and sprinkled some revolver dust on me, but my last trip to the range resulted in leaps-and-bounds of improvement. In fact, it resulted in some of the best shooting I've done with a pistol ever. I was grinning like a kid with a great report card. (much to my girlfriend's amusement)

The revolver was a GP100, with which I wanted to practice since I could now buy one, but I wasn't expecting this. I wasn't even expecting a satisfactory performance. I don't know if it was the GP100, or if it was me; either way, a world of revolvers just opened to me, and it feels good.


JP said...

now you need to get as fast as Jerry Miculek.

Fletch said...

If I continue with this sudden, dramatic increase in skill, I should be doing that in two weeks. :)

blogagog said...

"I wasn't sure exactly why, but I was never really able to shoot revolvers."

OMG I had the same trouble. The trick is to pull that metal stick in the middle of the circle at the bottom of the gun. Just kind of touch it for a .357, and yank it hard for a .45.