Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Seriously TSA?

Wait wait wait wait wait...


No, really; seriously?

Because, I mean, c'mon, but seriously?!

What's wrong with this picture?

You don't put shit in the trigger guard of a firearm! It's called a trigger GUARD for a reason, to prevent things from bumping into the trigger!

ALTERNATE QUESTION: TSA, can you really be that retarded?
ALTERNATE ANSWER: No, but if you hand me that hammer, I can try.

Gun Accident In U.S. Airways Airliner Cockpit Was TSA Engineered!

The insane procedures required by the TSA demands that our pilots to lock and then un-lock their .40 side arms was and is a solid recipe for disaster. Did the TSA deliberately create this bizarre and unconventional Rube Goldberg firearm retention system hoping for this result? The sordid history of the FAA and TSA’s total resistance to the concept of arming pilots to protect Americans is in itself a scandal.

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