Thursday, August 09, 2012

Zipped through Molon Labe again

After loaning out Molon Labe to a friend, he kept talking to me about it, and kindling my interest in rereading it.

By the time I got it back, I was chomping at the bit, and finished it in a couple days.

The second read through was not earth-shattering, but it certainly raised a few points I had forgotten. I may not be able to target shoot much right now, but I should at least be dry firing at simulated targets to practice my form, focus, and follow through. I've been meaning to start a Don't Break the Chain for the skills I want to cultivate, and riflecraft is definitely one of those skills.

I noticed that I enjoyed the supplementary information more this time around. It seems that my first read through of a book is mostly for plot, and the second is more detailed and enjoyable, which is not my intention. Maybe I need to pull out some of my once-read favorites, and give them a twice-over.

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