Friday, August 10, 2012

Open carry roundup and SWAGs

Super walmart (busy Sunday afternoon), Subway, Kroger, Joseph Beth Booksellers.

Was glad to confirm by doing the super walmart on another busy day, but the Joseph Beth was the one the only one I was worried about.

Joseph Beth is apparently an independent (in what way, I don't know) small chain of book stores full of people who look either look like they have tenure at Berkley or spent "a while" at Occupy Wall Street, so "ZOMG no guns!" wouldn't have surprised me. In fact, the cafe inside the store has a "no guns" sign on the exit to the parking lot (but not on the inside entrance), not that signs have the weight of law, but I digress...

At first, I carried with a little apprehension, but it disappeared after a few minutes. I was more worried about a patron yelling at me, but no one said anything or fled the building. I didn't see any signs on the main entrance to the bookstore, so I figured the cafe was a separate establishment.

So far my SWAGs for response to my open carrying have been quite wrong.

What if your preconceptions about what would happen if you open carried were just as wrong?

Better to beg forgiveness...

Read more about my experiences open carrying here!

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