Saturday, August 11, 2012

For the second consecutive election...

... why must I find myself looking for a bumper sticker that reads;
Romney / Heart attack 2012
It was cute with McCain, but the base will only hold its nose for so long before losing interest in the Grand Ancient Party.

The Obama presidency seems to be doing serious damage to the Democrat party, what if Romney gets a landslide, and the Dems realize they've lost a lot of standing, then Romney proceeds to Romney up the presidency, leaving BOTH parties severely weakened?

I'd call that a perfect storm for a third (or fourth?!) party candidacy!

Yeah, I know, but shut up a minute, ok? I can dream, can't I? Let me have this moment...


Anonymous said...

Personally, I would love nothing more than to see a strong third party contender. Enough of this two party, vote for the lesser of two evils bull.

Fletch said...

I agree completely.

If this were McCain vs Hillary, I would have given my vote to a third party, but I have some existential concerns about a second Obama term, so I hold my nose with zeal.