Friday, August 17, 2012

Amstar Theaters are victim disarmament zones

After weeks of open carrying I finally found someplace that asked me not to.

On our wedding anniversary we went to see Batman at a three o'clock showing at the local theater. There were about four non-employees in the lobby, and when my wife left to to go the bathroom, the assistant manager very politely noted that they do not allow firearms in their theaters. I apologized, said I'd put it in the car, and asked if we could bring in outside food because my wife is on a special diet, he had no problem allowing this.

After returning to the lobby, we entered the theater where a grand total of three people were, and watched the movie in a semi-private screening.

Having not seen a sign, and inspired by Jennifer's posts, I expected the "policy" was enforced by the assistant manager's whim. But I was wrong.

Amstar Theaters corporate conduct policy specifically prohibits:
Possession of firearms or weapons of any kind regardless of whether openly or concealed, with or without permit
Attentive readers may note the first rule was broken for us. ANARCHY!

Normally, this is where I'd tell you that I'll simply be avoiding this establishment in the future, but that's not the case!

I'll be frequenting this place more often because their conduct policy seems to indicate they've invented some sort of anti-firearms force field that repels guns.

That's the only explanation for a policy which prohibits the carrying of any firearms or weapons in any way regardless of local laws.

It would be silly to have such a policy if no magical barrier were in place, because that rule would only prevent those who follow laws and rules from carrying firearms, not those intent on murdering people (which is apparently, already against the law!).

Strangely, I encountered no similarly magical method of carry prevention. Maybe I'll have to ask the manager if they powered it up.

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