Sunday, August 19, 2012

Open carried to Home Depot, Babies R Us, and a Manhunt

Home Depot was uneventful though I noticed people noticing me carrying. Strangely, they didn't throw their baskets into the air and flee the building, they just smiled.

Babies R Us could (should?) have gone the other way because the sign they had on their window sure seemed to indicate that no guns were allowed, but none of the associates suddenly stopped the conversation in order to remind me of their policy, and I doubt they failed to notice.

The manhunt was a fun one. When leaving a friend's house we picked up the conversation on his porch and while talking, noticed some police were gathering at the end of his cul de sac for somesuch reason, talking to the people who had called them. As we continued to talk, more cops arrived, and we noticed a helicopter started circling. When it was about time to go, my friend asked me if I wanted to wait before I left. "Why would I do that?" "Well, generally, I like to minimize my contact with the police as much as possible." "If you act like it's normal, other people do the same." As I walked toward the jam of police cars, more arrived, and I began to worry that I might be boxed in. I wasn't worried about walking past them, but having to approach them, and figure out who had what car where would be more troublesome. When I made it around the corner (the clot of police on my left side), I saw that the front half of my car was blocked my a police cruiser, and as I walked up to my car, another cop pulled up, blocking me in completely. I waved to the cop who had just pulled up, "Hey! Can you back up so I can get out?" "Oh yeah, sure!" He backed up 30 yards, and I crossed in front of him to my car, realizing that his headlights were completely illuminating my right side. So what? Act like it's normal! I thought as I opened my car door, tossed in my stuff, and hopped in. As I worked on backing my car out of the parallel park (The front tires turn, the back tires don't. That's why it was George's spot), I had to hop out of the car to make sure I wasn't going to hit the car behind me. As I did, the cop left his car, and called to me as he passed, "Hey, sorry 'bout that, Brother." "No worries." It took a tire on the curb to get me out safely, but the cops didn't seem to mind.

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