Thursday, August 09, 2012

My Rifle MK3 - Free America

The latest version of My Rifle after some Free America modifications.

Click any for large size.

As you can see, we've got a normal capacity magazine with 30 rounds of GET OFF MY LAWN ready to go.

Don't tell Dianne Feinstein, but this button will drop the mag without a bullet or other tool to release it! All I need is the finger I was born with! It's anarchy out here! Cats living with dogs! Mags dropping all over the place!

The Lumaforce Tac-5 is mounted and set for 230 lumens of disco fever. I always liked my support hand forward (which is part of the reason for the dissipator conversion), so the on/off is right at the tip of my thumb ready to light up my target, and backlight my sights (No red dot or night sights yet).

My M1A is not My Rifle just yet, but once I get more 308 ammo, it will certainly be shooting for the slot.

The sling is a Butler Creek hunting sling that functions moderately as a shooting sling, but it's mainly built for comfort. The neoprene padding and easy adjust make it very comfortable to carry on long hikes into mountain lion and "rural horticulture" territory.

It got a rattlecan paint job partly for hunting and partly because I like the color. The flat black was ok, but I really dig the contrast created by the lighter stock. I learned from my G22, and took my time with the Krylon, which has only had minor chipping, which is surprising given the places I carried it through.

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NotClauswitz said...

Nice looking M1A1 - and good fixes to the AR.