Thursday, July 23, 2009

Your Serve - DJ Fear

Since I'm in the coding mood, and there was a request, I've decided to post an example of what is affectionately called "Happy Hardcore," which seems to have gotten its name from Anabolic Frolic's "Happy 2B Hardcore" albums.

These albums were all we listened to when we my friend and I did any kind of work, including some serious construction. The average 140 beats per minute is like brain crack. For people like me, it also shuts down the constant unnecessary thinking in my mind, and lets me focus 100% on my task.

So now; an example...

Your Serve - DJ Fear

direct link
For more information about Happy Hardcore music, consult your local library, or click here to pump it into your ears right now.


aughtSix said...


I feel like the squirrel that drinks the red bull in Over the Hedge. I coded faster than I ever have before. On the downside, I nearly went crazy while I was loading various libraries into my IDE. Note to self, don't listen to that stuff until actually ready to write code.

Fletch said...

What'd I tell ya?

It's like aural caffeine.

Enjoy your additional productivity! :)

Top of the Chain said...

Holy Shite, I feel like a gerbil on speed on the exercise wheel.