Wednesday, July 22, 2009

"Buck Ofama"

It's offensive, childish, and should have no place in American politics.

But hey; I didn't make the rules, nor was I the first to break them.

But then; goose, gander, etc.

But most importantly;

Never insult with style when you can insult with substance.

Well... Maybe not "never"... I mean...
Sometimes it's just fun to piss people off...
Er-- I mean-- exercise your right to free speech.
Because we all know what happens to rights unexercised.


Anonymous said...

I have 2 bumper stickers with this little gen-alphabet BB-idiotlogue politics of the now ditty on them. Childish? buckin-A! Exactly and this is what it has come to. People get the politics they deserve.

Fletch said...

I wish I could claim the philosophical high-ground, and disagree with you, but I can only smile at the idea of putting one of those stickers on my car, and driving to Seattle. :)

Anonymous said...

Buck Ofama elegantly captures the mood of America.

Anonymous said...

Where was your sentiments on this when bumper stickers said "buck fush"? Hmmm? Oh right... I forgot... that was bushes fault too... hee hee hee. Silly me for thinking there was a double standard involved. Silly silly me.

DjTaz said...

I also have those Majority-Expressing attachments to my van.

One says, "Buck oFama."

Another says,"Does This Azz Make My Van Look Fat?" with barack's picture next to it.

The third shows the Little Boy peeing on the word "obama." Like the Little Boy on the Chevy pickup truck peeing on "FORD" or vice-versa.

I'm looking for the obama Chia-Pet because I'm envious of that Little Boy sticker! lol