Thursday, July 09, 2009

Blackberry power notes

Not sure exactly why, but the battery usage dropped considerably.

Out of the box, it needed to be charged every half day, and wouldn't make it through the night, but now, the battery meter just doesn't want to go down.

I think I'm going to give it a good charge, and see how long it runs off power (and keep track of all my interactions with it).

Also, the bedside mode is a bit squirrely. When it's on power, and in bedside mode, all the lights turn off, and the display dims heavily. But sometimes I wake up, and the display is at normal brightness, and I have to exit bedside mode, and enter it again. Odd.


Ry Jones said...

my guess is the OTAP update pushed and your phone isn't trickling it down any more.

Fletch said...

Good idea! It did reboot while doing absolutely nothing once.

Whatever the cause is, I'm glad it stopped.

Ry Jones said...

the reboot was probably the OTAP completing. Glad you like your device.