Monday, January 05, 2009

Bloggers' bane: ambiguous discord and apathetic ire

I've been feeling very meh lately. Which is bad for a blog.

I think.

Occasionally something will raise my ire or my discord will manifest, but lately I seem to be light on the cutting snark.

But who said this blog only has value when the posts are full of angor and rage?

I started this blog to track my thoughts, and interesting links for my personal use. Since then, it has gone places I didn't think it would ever go, bubbled to the top of google searches (much to my chagrin in some cases), dabbled in fiction, covered scary experiences for friends and myself, made unexplained references to obscure items, warehoused things that used to bounce around the internet and become lost and unlost from time to time, shared countless odd thoughts, posted what I claim to call art, been pointlessly silly for no particular occasion, and (I have to admit) been a little ADD from time to time.

So what makes this blog?


I'm just going to keep doing whatever I want, and recommend you do the same.

I'm having fun. Are you?