Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Tales of Girderyawning

I tried something new, and used the site selector with some success. The area I occupied lacked magma of any kind, but it also lacked the evil and terror I asked it to avoid. The area seemed a little flat, and rather sparsely wooded, but I figured I'd get by. I dug straight down and started designing my fortress.

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Here, you can see my moat, bridge, road to trading depot, and my trading depot flooder for those douchy elves. Blub, blub, motherfuckers! At the pull of two levers, the trade depot is sealed, and flooded. The water outside the depot is from the first test. There are a few farm plots outside for growing plants for rope, and strawberries for wine. Also a couple fisheries in the north west, and the windmill powering my millstone just east of the farm plots.

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I focused on a vertical design for quick movement from workshops to stockpiles

I opted for a different layout on my first level just to keep things interesting. More open space with supports. Since all the food was right there, and I wanted to get everyone underground, I set the dining room on this level, next to where the food stores used to be (moved downstairs). Lots of farm plots keep my brewery turning out alcohol, and keep my dwarves fed.

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This level is just stockpiles with lots of access above and below to keep movement of goods quick and keep the main staircases from clogging with traffic.

This is the workshop level, and while so many shops are built, few are very active. Lacking any natural coal, and limited on wood, my smelters sit unused. My primary source of income has become my jewler who keeps generating cut gems and encrusting items to increase their value.

Much further down, out of hearing range of my workshops are the rooms. The 3x3 rooms are for my original 7 dwarves, and the 3x1s are for migrants. At the beginning of the second year, I got 19 migrants, and the small dorms were dug out. With the extra hands, I was able to get some of them to smooth the stone in the rooms.

Extended dorms one level below the rooms for mid-season surprise migrants.

Without a good source of coal, I've been focusing on processing plants into the leggings the dwarf traders want, and cutting gems. I feel a tad directionless without my usual trappings. I think a Great Work is in order. A glass tower or some other complicated structure. Maybe I'll just dabble in some of the other aspects of the game I've yet to explore. Siegecraft should be interesting to explore, especially for when the soon-to-be angered elves come to avenge their soon-to-be drowned traders.

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