Thursday, January 29, 2009

OC BOS removes meeting security from OC Sheriffs

Board takes over security of its meetings
Orange County supervisors voted unanimously on Tuesday to seize back control of security at their meetings after deputies swarmed the boardroom earlier this month, intimidating gun activists from speaking out against Sheriff Sandra Hutchens' new concealed weapons policy.

At an earlier board of supervisor meeting meant to discuss the appointed OC Sheriff Hutchens' CCW policy, the second on this topic, security was increased dramatically including plain clothes deputies, and SWAT team members. It was also later discovered that a sheriffs' security camera meant for panning the faces of audience members zoomed in on the personal notes and personal blackberry of two of the supervisors who offer the most dissent to Hutchens' policies.

Supervisors were denied physical access to the tape because Hutchens claimed it was part of an ongoing investigation.

Supervisors also delayed approval of the sheriff’s request to set up an Intelligence Assessment Center until they get a full update, noting that the battle over boardroom security has made them reluctant to expand the department’s intelligence gathering.

In addition to removing BOS meeting security from the OC Sheriffs, they voted to make security tapes for future BOS meetings property of the BOS.

I'll bet the BOS is regretting their appointment.

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