Thursday, January 29, 2009

Dear Congress

Dear Congress,

We write you with dire predictions.

I fear that our very livelihood is at stake.

An entire industry, with employees numbering in the tens of thousands, will collapse if immediate action is not taken.

If things are allowed to continue as they have, we will see the unemployment or forced retirement of tens of thousands or workers who rely on their employers to provide pensions and retirement. Those benefits will evaporate if those companies are not saved.

I assure you, if you don't take punitive action against the companies who threaten to destroy our industry, we stand to lose an entire generation of workers. A generation of workers whos' only sin was to choose this profession.

These men deserve to keep working their chosen profession without being laid off simply because someone has invented a machine that replaces them.

We beg that you heed our request, and apply severe taxation and regulation upon any company that produces refrigerators.

It's only fair.


The Ice Block Deliverymen's Union #133

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