Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Don't go changin'

A comment I've always gotten is, "You keep changing." My appearance; that is.

I always remember having various combinations of hair and facial hair. (but no moustache; never moustache) I actually change my appearance in some way about every month or two, this is apparently not normal. I didn't think it was strange of me to change my appearance so frequently until everyone kept commenting, and I realized how many people never changed.

Someone finally explained to me that people identify themselves with who they see in the mirror. That's why people rarely change their appearance, and are recommended to do so when they want to change their lives or the way they think. I do recall reading articles about how people seeking change in their life should get a new hair style, but thought it was silly.

So if people identify themselves by who they see in the mirror, what am I to infer about myself if I don't?

Maybe I don't like who I am, and keep trying to change into someone I'll like.
Maybe I've disassociated my consciousness from my body, and feel no correlation.
Maybe I just get bored.

Who knows? But it's fun to guess.

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