Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Virtual insanity

We're setting up some virtual servers and finding out more about the operating system that runs the virtual servers. Virtual servers are (is) one server pretending to be many. The software that gets installed on the virtual servers doesn't know the difference between a virtual server and a regular server. That means that connections to hardware is all faked. All those virtual servers think they have their own NICs, processors, and RAM, but they're really only sharing one of each piece of hardware. That means that the NICs, processors, and RAM are all virtual. They're just software, they don't really exist.

The funky thing is, the virtual machine software offers virtual versions of other hardware, like switches, and routers. Which, of course, spawned the idea of setting VLANs on those virtual switches... Virtual virtual local area networks. And if you set a virtual interface on a linux box, you get virtual virtual network interface cards. When the guy building out the virtual servers selected a full install of fedora 7 (bad idea) he realized that he'd inadvertently installed a virtual machine on the linux box... Which, of course, lead to virtual virtual virtual interfaces, and virtual virtual virtual networks...

Yeah, I don't know how to end this one...

Ah! I'll share this e-mail with you;
Sender: Mark
Recipient: NOC
Subject: DO IT
Body: Let's just order syrup!

He forgot to include the link to a place to order barq's root beer syrup, and resent his e-mail with the link, but I insisted that his first e-mail was far more awesome.

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