Tuesday, June 12, 2007

angor, hate waiting periods, etc...

4 more hours until I can pick up my legally purchased property.

"Ok, just sign these last two papers, and the new car is yours!"
"Al--... right! Where are the keys? Can I drive it off the lot?"
"Oh, nooooo. You can't have the keys now! We have to hold on to it for 10 days."
"Yeah, its a safety measure. Just in case you were really upset and wanted to kill lots of people by plowing your brand new car through a crowd of people, we hold on to it for a 'cooling down' period."
"What?! That's crazy, why would I do that to my new car?!"
"Hey, you're the one who said 'crazy'."
"But it makes no sense! I already HAVE a car! If I wanted to kill people with a car I'd just use the one I already have! This waiting period would do nothing to stop me!"
"Really?... That's... something..." *frantically pressing alarm button under desk*


Josh said...

Did you buy all your accessories yet? It's mandatory that you trick it out with all the options - optics (tinted windows), flash hider (exhaust tip), LULA (automatic windows)...too bad that the gun equivalent of a keyless ignition (automated electrical fully automatic gun turret) isn't an option.

That thing is way less deadly without a pistol grip (paddle shifters)...

blogagog said...

I never even knew 'angor' was a word! But yeah, I hate those waiting periods too. 10 day waiting period to buy a frying pan? In case you're going to hit your spouse in the head with it? Forget that noise.

Update: The one I ended up using was too small. She lived, and is fairly angry at me now.