Saturday, June 09, 2007

Blunk Drogging

Alright folks. It's been done before, and now I'm contributing.

It's time for a drunk blogging.

But before we get started, here's a quick pic from the move.

lol i aer teh downsize

Ok, enough messing around... Get this out of the way.

(fyi, I've already started drinking so this is a bit harder than it should be)

oh, wait, hang on, ok, first a before picture. (<-that's a lot of commas!!!!,,,,)

Hey, hows it going? (why do i look weird already?)

The drink of the night is Bloody Mary.

Ok, so here's what the scene lookedlike about 30 mins ago...

nothe the tobasco. they way you can tell if you're using enough tobasco, is if you can get close to the drink without your eyes watering; theres not enough tobasco in it.

yeah, it's got a straw. fuck you. it lets me drink it faster (none of that fucking ice gettingvs mi my way. also, to give you guys the full drunk experience I won't be correcting my typso.., TAKE THAT

ok, so that drink was done pretty wuickly (after my girlfriend stood behidn me until i finished it). WIN.


Comedy Centeral is already funnier.

After the first one, my girld friend filled up the next one so I din't have a picture of that one. Instead, here's thes edcond one.

Ava looks eral funny to me, soyou get to see her.

yeah, you dumbshit, take a pictue.

Ava ran away to her cage when I tried to pet her. I don't now how I should interpret that...d

Ah! my gf )shorter than girlfriend) is making me another. I suspect hse has malicisous intent! but you know what they say about intent! i don't. it's hard not to correct my mistakes.


SUDDENLY BROCCOLI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

were't expecting that were you? that's a lot of broccoli.I had to cover the logo on my shirt also i type a lot better when i'm not looking at the keyboard. see that, was not evenslookingtat it. <-thatwas looking. anyways i was erasing thelogo and cot alitle carried away. it'sa ll good.

By the eway wer'er up to numbet...

did i mention that I'm a lightwaeight for hard alcohol? I wiegh a lot but I dget my alcohosl tolerance from myh dad who doesn't have a godo alcohold tolerance. ok i"m correcting some of the spellsings becuse it's getting reals man bad I mean.

comedy centerasla is getting less funny. DRINK MOAR!!!!!!11OMG

Also, this;

Vision getting pblurry...

name that movie!

or don't i dont' care

ok, enough of that.


ok, that was twoa more. i'm trying tnot to fall alseep when I sit down.




Josh said...

lol lightweight. Just cut out the tomato juice entirely and add worchestershire and tabasco to straight vodka FTW!

Anonymous said...

Well played, sir! A tip 'o the ol' fedora to you.

I'm thinking I might attempt martinis for my next edition.

Anonymous said...

We need to cure you of your propensity to consume the Bloody Mary...that's for AM drinking. I have some gold label I need to get through...sack up hippie...put down the veggies.