Monday, June 04, 2007

Blame Josh.

I blame Josh for making me buy this.

I think the conversation went something like this:
ET: well... off to the eye doctor then b&n then range... must... not... go... to ... gun show...
J: Dude, just give in. Go to the gun show.
ET: ok
J: wow...that was easy
ET: yeah... did you really think it would be hard?

I take that as an admission of guilt.

I pulled out 100 bucks and my list of stuff I need from the gun show. I made a pretty good dent in the list.

2 canteens and canteen belt holders
1 high quality gun belt
1 shotgun 5 shell holding butt sleeve
1 shotgun shell bandoleer
1 belt double pistol mag pouch
1 belt single pistol mag pouch
1 metal rail to attach to AR plastic handguard
30 rifled shotgun slugs ($20!)
1 mid-grade rail-mountable bipod

I spent every last penny of the $100 (was actually 60 cents short on the belt, but the guy gave it to me :) and had a good sack of loot to show for it.

I didn't have to leave though first building, I could have gone around it...

But I didn't.

8 days to go.


John R said...

Nice catch.

Anonymous said...

Did you just call it a sack of loot? Have you been playing Zelda?

Josh said...

Har! You can thank me when you DROS it.

defiant_infidel said...

Outrageous... he FORCED you to go buy all that? We need to pass a law...