Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Revenge of the Pizza

Had some pizza before leaving work last night and felt fine.

Went home, stayed up, went to get some food (I didn't get any), then went home and went to bed.

Couldn't sleep because I was shivering uncontrollably. For what must have been hours, I lie awake shivering in a warm bed under warm sheets. Eventually I managed to doze off and woke up about an hour later sore all over my body with a headache. I felt like someone beat me up with a crowbar. It was hard to move, and I my heart was racing. I had strange memories of a dream I must have had about arguing with someone about rifles or something. I couldn't remember what the argument was, but I knew it was extremely heated and made me feel like we were arguing so violently we were trying to kill each other. My mind was racing about the argument and the more of the argument I remembered, the more confused I was. I got up and stiffly wandered around the apartment, finished, and refilled my water bottle. My heart rate wouldn't drop and my mind was still spinning with thoughts. I returned to bed and eventually dozed off only to wake up again several times. I imagine I was thrashing in my sleep over whatever I was dreaming about. I woke up around 4:30 and felt just as terrible. I felt strange and detached (emo!) and couldn't shake the feeling. I tried to sleep again but my mind was still racing, and I felt just as terrible after I slept for a short while. My stomache was turning over and I felt like I needed to throw up, but I couldn't. Eventually I managed to throw up the small amount of food in my stomache (all that was left was the tomatoes that were on the pizza) (everything else digested except the tomatoes???). I still felt terrible, but managed to fall asleep. I woke up several times and was feeling a small bit better. Still sore all over, head still pounding, heart still racing, with what seemed like a minor fever. I was woken up by a call from work just in time for me to slowly get ready, and drive myself in. By 1 I'm starting to feel a bit better, and less like I'm going to throw up. Now, it's two and I'm starting to feel back to normal.

I told one of my coworkers that I threw up the pizza, and he said he did too. So I figure all this insanity was related to the pizza.

That must have been some messed up pizza.

Update; two other coworkers tossed their pizza. Something was wrong with the Hawaiian...


defiant_infidel said...

Ah, yes, the inherent perils of eating something prepared by 'others'... Glad to read that you have prevailed.

Fletch said...

Bleh. Went dark all yesterday. The Nyquill coma was just barely enough to get me out of the woods... Not on solid food yet... :(