Thursday, June 03, 2010

Sometimes you gotta be smart to be so stupid

We got a great deal on a new apartment, and our move-out date was over Memorial Day weekend. Genius! Instead of one day of crazy moving, we'll be able to spread it out to three easier days of moving! And since we saved money on the new place, lets not rent a u-haul, and just use my brother-in-law's truck! I'm so goddamn smart.


Instead of one day of suck, it was stretched out to THREE days of suck! And since we had three days, we were more inclined to take three days! Smaller truck, more trips, etc.

We finished moving in on Monday, and today's the first day since that I've felt human. I just started getting back into a regular sleep/awake/dead/alive pattern.

I don't care how much we saved. Next time I'm hiring fucking movers.

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Anonymous said... and learn. moving is like childbirth you'll forget what a bitch it was by the next one...