Monday, June 14, 2010

Coming soon to a doorstep near you!

Weerd wants you to sleep tight.

This is even more disturbing to me now because after we moved, a cop came to our door looking for someone who must have been the previous occupant.

Glad the previous occupant didn't do something that would cause the police to pick up automatic weapons, put on heavy bulletproof vests and black masks, throw flashbangs through our window, break down our door, and shoot us unarmed, stunned, deaf, and blinded in bed for having guns within arms reach while failing to comply with instructions we couldn't hear.

You know, something heinous like have an ounce of pot?

But I don't even have to worry about that when most of these raids can't be bothered check the goddamn address of the house before they go all SS on the occupants.

I wonder if they'd shoot Ava, our house rabbit. Actually, I'm sure they would, why wouldn't they if they're shooting dogs that are IN CAGES?

A moment of silence for those innocents lost in the monumental failure we call the War on Drugs.

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