Friday, June 04, 2010

Helen Thomas proves she's just as ugly on the inside

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Who's in charge of this wretch, and why haven't they saved her from herself by convincing her to bow out gracefully? (or as gracefully as she can at this point)

The worst part? When this retarded elephant in the room that everyone has been doing their best to ignore and tip-toe around dies, the same people who put up with her for years will have to stand in front of cameras and talk about what a great person she was.

Call a spade a spade.

Helen Thomas is a festering boil on our political system who only retains her position because someone would actually have to look at her to ask her to leave.

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Fletch said...

This was pretty mean.

I try not to be mean, but only to the people who don't deserve it.

Die in a fire, Helen.