Tuesday, June 01, 2010

The 99ers can make my Subway sandwich or move.

In yet another story about how California is going to collapse under the weight of its own stupidity, and reduce to "emerging nation" status, I noticed this;
The latest bill also does nothing for the more than 111,000 Californians who have exhausted their 99 weeks of benefits. Change.com has launched a grass roots campaign for the so-called "99ers" to get additional benefits for those who have now fallen off the unemployment rolls after exhausting their 99 weeks.

First of all, WTF 99 WEEKS OF FREE MONEY?!

Second of all, anyone who can't find work is not looking hard enough, or is not looking in the right place.

The goddamn Subway that I go to for lunch has had a "Help Wanted" sign posted for EIGHT UNEMPLOYMENT MILKING MONTHS! My wife lost her retail job last year, and found another one in about ONE MONTH.

I was writing up a little HOWTO on what to do to get from nothing to something, and then I realized it was a goddamn HOWTO for life. Live somewhere, take shitty job, live rough for a while, scrape and scrounge, save up, get a vehicle. Use vehicle to expand job opportunities, or skip vehicle and greyhound it to metropolitan area with lots of public transportation. Get better job. If no better job available, get better scholastic education or trade education, then get better job. Increase standard of living, continue looking for better job.
Repeat until life happens.

These people fail at life.

PS: When one unemployed person exhausts their 99 weeks of unemployment, the state of california ASSumes they must have found a job, and reduces the unemployment* number by one.

* Unemployment number does not reflect discouraged workers, workers who are not eligible for unemployment benefits, workers who are underemployed, workers who do not actively seek employment, or workers who did not seek unemployment.


NotClauswitz said...

There's always job openings at Fry's...

Anonymous said...

Elämä on vaikeaa.

Anonymous said...

i truly hope somday you lose yor job and see what its like to be in the 99ers shoes,you sit here and make dumb ass comments ,jackass

Fletch said...

You can hope that I'll lose my job, but that won't put me in the 99ers' shoes. Because losing my job doesn't make me sit on my ass for 99 weeks, and then bitch about it when my free money runs out.

But for sitting there and making dumb ass comments, I'm pretty sure you're one of the 99ers, and I'm pretty sure I'M PAYING YOU to make your dumb ass comments on my blog.

Whether that makes you dumb, or me dumb is up for debate.

Meanwhile, the goddamn Subway still has the help wanted sign up. So please Anon, get up tomorrow morning, look yourself in the mirror real hard, and then MAKE MY FUCKING SANDWICH.