Monday, June 14, 2010

Red Dawn remake going to not suck?!

The Red Dawn Remake: The Return of the Red Scare?
I know what you’re thinking – because it’s what I’ve been thinking since I first heard details about all this several days ago. This is all some sort of gag, right? Hollywood doesn’t do this sort of thing. This isn’t the 1980’s anymore. Wake up! This is the era of Avatar, of Fahrenheit 9/11, of Sean Penn hanging with the mullahs in Iran. The communist Chinese aren’t our enemy – they’re our friends! They make our TVs and T-shirts and disposable ink cartridges. Our real enemies are American corporations, environmental polluters, and all those blonde chicks on Fox News. Get your head in the game, Apuzzo. You’re daydreaming again!

Apparently not. Difficult as this is to believe, MGM is indeed now in post-production on what appears to be an extravagantly hardcore remake of John Milius’ 1984 film, Red Dawn.
...these posters reveal is that the Red Dawn remake may actually go where the original film did not go (largely due to the fact that the original was made during the Reagan Administration), which is in equating certain tendencies in contemporary American liberalism with Chinese-style communism (!). That would be an extraordinary thing for a Hollywood studio to do nowadays.
I have a million questions, all of which boil down to: how did this movie get greenlit? How did this one slip by?

Due out November 24th.

UPDATE: Hey look! More evidence that it won't suck! An LA Times intellectual is scoffing at it!

Did anyone feel that? It felt like the winds changing.

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NotClauswitz said...

I was going to leave a comment and chose not to - but he asks: The UK’s Guardian reports, for example, that the Chinese have American ‘collaborators’ who help them in their occupation. [Shades of V here.] I wonder who those ‘collaborators’ would be?

We don't need China to invade, we generate a lot of anti-American propaganda right here in the USA. Collaborators (besides this Administration) would include the SEIU and other unions (Teacher's Union), organizations who benefit from State-management and control, including various academics from Berkeley and Harvard, failing Media conglomerates like the NYT and MSNBC who would similarly benefit, and a lot of the "Arts" community where we get a lot of anti-American propaganda - like the recent Tony Award winning "American Idiot" for example.