Saturday, August 01, 2009

FCC sticks its big fat nose into a private company's business decision

Techcrunch: FCC Takes On Apple And AT&T Over Google Voice Rejection
The Federal Communications Commission is looking into Apple’s rejection of Google Voice, and has sent letters to AT&T, Apple, and Google to find out what’s going on.

I think Apple's rejection of Google Voice was a foolish power play that they would soon regret and reverse.

But I do NOT think that the federal government has any business getting involved.

So, to help out these companies, I'm going to post a cheat-sheet for the answers to these probing questions for the FCC:

Answers for the FCC Letter to Apple, Google, and AT&T:
2. None of your goddamned business.
3. Shouldn't you be thinking up new swear words to ban?
4. Someone just wrote "dick" on an antenna, shouldn't you be fining the antenna?
5. Perhaps you can tell us why we made this decision? OH NO WAIT! You weren't at our board meeting or our shareholders' meeting!
6. Frak you, G-man.

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