Wednesday, August 05, 2009

DNC ad urges phoning GOP to call off the "mobs"

DNC ad opposing right wing extremist "mobs" being coordinated by the villainous GOP.

This has been said before, and is worth saying again;
Poor Lefties; they've been playing on astroturf so long that they don't know grassroots even when fed a mouthful of divot.

I attended a Tea Party, and would take the day off work to attend a town hall on health care if Boxer had the balls to hold one. (I'm not holding my breath)

I would not attend because the GOP faxed me my action items, and that was on it. I would not attend because the GOP promised me cash and prizes if I attended. I would not attend because the GOP chartered a bus, drove it to my house, picked me up, dropped me off, and provided me with pre-made signs and a short list of slogans to chant.

I would do it because I think it needs to be done.

The GOP organizing grassroots? HA! The GOP might as well change it's name to the Grand ANCIENT Party. The way they've done things is the way they always want to do things. They're big, and old, and slow. In fact, I can count the amount of times I've been impressed with the GOP on one hand.

If you still don't believe these people aren't coordinated by the machinations of the notorious GOP, just fucking ask them. They'll probably tear the GOP up as much as a democrat would. Ask them what they think of how the GOP is running the party, and whether or not they think the GOP will have its act together by the next election. I'll bet money at least 75% would reply negatively. If it were a gentleman's bet, I'd go as high as 90%.

These people are pissed. They're pissed because you pissed them off. If you still don't see that, and you honestly think that getting people to call the GOP is going to stop these people from being pissed off, then you're just as slow as the GOP.

Honestly, I think the bloggers, facebookers, and myspacers are leading this charge, and the GOP is trying to take the credit.

I joined a teaparty group on facebook, and they send me updates of events they're planning. There have been quite a few I couldn't give two shits about, but there is one coming up that I'm seriously considering.

That's the difference. They don't require I show up. They don't tell me to get angry. They just pick the topic, see if people show interest, and run with it.

It's like these right wing radio show hosts riling people up. The left acts like if these guys started complaining about the end slices of bread, we would too. They're wrong. They're just trying to find out what we care about, and then they give us information updates, and try to help us coordinate.

That's why they call it grassroots. The outrage comes from the bottom up. Not because someone cut all the grass, and dumped the bag on someone.

If the people didn't care, nothing would happen.

Well guess what? Conservatives are pissed. They're not going to just shrug, fix their kids' lunch, and go to work like they have before. They're pissed. You've been poking and poking for years, and now that the hornet's nest is past its threshold, you're freaking out. "Where'd all these hornets come from?! It couldn't have been my poking! I've been doing it for years! This must by the machinations of some third party!"

Well, it ain't.

The sooner you realize that, the sooner you'll realize that this isn't going to just go away if you ignore it.


Anonymous said...

Spot on Ernest. So true.

Newbius said...


I've attended the DC Tea Party, and been advocating for my friends to get involved and change things. I am active about calling my Rep (R) and Senators (both D), such that they know me when I call.

I am NOT a tool of the GOP.

The local GOP headquarters called me up and asked me to volunteer on the Governor's race and I told them to piss off. From talking to other people I know who ARE working the phones and walking the precincts, most of the solid Republican precincts are telling the GOP to piss off, too.

Lots of hang ups and slammed doors...and not from Obama voters either. Solid conservatives are forcefully telling the GOP to wake up and smell the coffee, or kiss any hope of election victory goodbye.

It's about time.