Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Neck deep!

I'm neck deep in someone else's database. Actually it's worse, it's a large company's database which means all the parts can be as disjointed as they want. If it was just one idiot's code, at least it'd be consistent!

I've been digging through the database for two days now, and feel like that one guy on the movie Real Genius who's helping them get the laser working. In the middle of everyone quietly pouring over research, he just stands up and starts screaming and going nuts and runs away.

That's me.


Anonymous said...

sql...that's the language I speak. I charge $250 hour.

Fletch said...


I knew a little bit of SQL before I started; I'm much better at it now, but this is mostly reverse engineering the application that runs off the DB.

I expected the stored procedures to be encrypted but they went through the trouble of encrypting their views (probably because they included code in their views, idiots)