Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Cigar Smokery

While in Mexico I picked up some Cuban cigars (how could I not?). I was never one for smoking, but couldn't resist partaking in what is explicitly verboten in the US.

I puffed and coughed and choked and generally had a miserable time. But I did it. When then time came to return, I can neither confirm or deny having returned with some.

Since then I've been slowly smoking them whenever I felt the compulsion, but never felt driven to do so. Only recently have I started craving the tobacco taste infrequently. Now that I've developed a taste for the cigars I find myself at the last few inches of my last one, and reluctant to finish. I'm even more reluctant to go to a cigar shop and buy more.

It's a bit of a vice, and I could easily give it up, but if I'm not doing it in excess, why should I worry?

I dunno. Lately I've been content sniffing the bit of cigar I have left, but am finding it increasingly difficult to be satisfied with just that.

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Anonymous said...

My friend, you are afflicted. It's a disease. Before you know it, you'll be spending all kinds of coin on a pre-embargo Cuban and investing in a walk-in humidor.

Unfortunately, today the quality of Cuban cigars is not that which it once was. I too picked some up in Mexico not long ago, and while I enjoyed them, I have found that some of the brands I can get here are just as good or even better. That being said, enjoying the forbidden flavor of Havana has a certain joy all its own.

Should you feel so inclined, you may want to try an Arturo Fuente "Chateua Fuente" or a Gran Habano Corojo No.5. I've found both to be very pleasing and more satisfying than the Cubans that I had. They're also not too expensive and travel to another country is not required.