Monday, December 18, 2006


Raise your hand if you were surprised by the twist on the season finale of Dexter last night.

ET raises his hand and looks around the classroom expectantly

I don't usually try to figure out the twists before they come, I prefer to enjoy sitting back and letting the show take me for the ride; but this twist had me genuinely surprised. (I feel inclined to point out that I WAS a little drinkded, and not entirely on the ball at the time)


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I was a little surprised by that as well. Who'd a thunk it? The overall ending was what I expected. Can't wait til next season.

Anonymous said...

I like it because the show actually wrapped up, which these shows never do. It could very well be a one seasoner, but it's not! Joy of joys!!

Fletch said...

I know just what you mean SR.


When he escaped I thought, "Damn. Another show where the main antagonist twists his mustache and escapes through the trap door at the last moment, leaving the hero to curse the heavens at his misfortune and promise that their dance will continue; every Sunday at 9 (pst)"

But then they caught him, and bravely eliminated a character the audience had grown attached to. Quality.

Kind of like when LOST (pls don't flame me :) kills off main characters. You're sitting there watching, and then *pow* "OMGWTFBBQ?!?!?!!11!!!11111ELEVEN"

Anonymous said...

That's why I like Heroes as well, they don't seem to hesitate at the thought of killing developing characters.