Friday, December 29, 2006

The First Amendment according to Calguns

UPDATE 7/1/08: In the time I've continued to spend on Calguns, I've come to understand the reason for their decision. I may not have to like it, but I must respect it. Frankly Calguns has driven progress for gun owners in California more than any other organization, large or small. They're the reason I have a legal AR type, and they are currently in the process of challenging the AWB through a non-profit foundation.
Calguns is worth your time, and deserving of your money.

The original post follows below. Regard it with my above notes.

David Codrea felt the need to voice a dissenting opinion on Calguns, and joined up so he could make his opinion known.

He was politely warned that the forum had rules and that he should reword his post to make it more polite and respectful. He was banned for life for his first post with no warning.

The Calguns site owner replied to his post in the first comment, and explained why he had been banned, and the rules regarding the Calguns forum usage. Usually, this kind of information is sent via e-mail to someone who was banned for a week or a few days, or (more often) in a follow up post under the first.

Additionally, the person who claimed to be the owner of Calguns said that he wasn't familiar with David's politics, and knew nothing about him. This, I suspect, was an outright lie. If he really was so involved in "his" site to be the one who instituted the life-long-warningless-insta-ban, I find it hard to believe that he missed the many posts which reference David and his politics in a derogatory manner. Conversely, if he is going to claim ignorance for being a more "hands-off" owner, then why was HE the one who instituted the ban, and decided that it should last a lifetime?

I smell bullshit.

David IS a bit harsh around the edges, but his voice needs to be heard because he's saying things that people don't get from the big 2nd Amendment lobby. David Codrea will not accept anything less than a full, and unconditional surrender from the gun-grabbers, and we need to have that voice in our community.

I will no longer be supporting Calguns with my donations, and hope you'll do the same.

If you know any other Calguns members, share this information with them. They need to know about Calguns' backdoor censorship.


Kestryll said...

Yor first point to addres would be this:
"the person who claimed to be the owner of Calguns said that he wasn't familiar with David's politics, and knew nothing about him.

If I am not the owner I'd like to know why I'm paying the bills, think of the ext guns I could buy!

You can find it as hard to believe as you wish, until this incident I had NEVER heard of David Codrea nor knew who he was. I also will add that had I known of him I would have banned him just as I did while not knowing of him. To do otherwise would be to exemplify the bias he accuses me of.

The second point to address would be:
"I find it hard to believe that he missed the many posts which reference David and his politics.."

A search of all forums and all posts shows that outside of this thread the word 'Codrea' was used once on this board back in May as a passing reference on page four of a 7 or 8 page thread.
Hardly a massive quantity or representative example of a man's histoy and politics.

Fletch said...

Try different spellings.

David Codrea said...

My points:

Paul allows lies to be posted on his site, and when proof is provided that they are lies, he ignores it.

Mike Haas attacked and insulted ME, without provocation and completely off the topic being discussed. He remains on the forum and is fawned over by his little band who consider him some sort of authority figure.

Thanks for your support, ET. I'll go search for variants of my name when I get a chance--I want to know what other lies these weasels are spreading amongst themselves, and again, behind my back. It doesn't worry me that much, because with the ugly and closed-minded tenor of the place, I doubt it will spread very far outside their incestuous circle.

My only purpose was to defend my name and prove the lie of Haas' accusations. That I've done this and he remains afraid to address those points is enough for me.

David Codrea said...

Looks like I can't search for spelling variants of my name because you need to be registered to use the search feature. Oh well, enough fun anyway--I have work to do.

Paul, there's a new post up that you and Haas & Co. probably ought to be aware of--just in case you want the uncensored and unbanned ability to respond and defend yourselves.

Tam said...

"The First Amendment according to Calguns"

Without sticking an oar in on one side or another, I feel compelled to point out that the First Amendment has nothing to do with a private website.

Fletch said...

Tam, your point is duly noted. It's a pet peeve of mine when people misuse the first amendment, and almost used the title "Censorship according to Calguns." However, that title makes the intent of my post obvious without having to read further, and I prefer not to do something that discourages further reading.

I chose the title reluctantly.

Anonymous said...

Calguns is down and I stumbled across your blog googling for calguns. In Calguns defense, I don't know what David posted, but I've posted on subjects and values that are not usually associated with most conservative gun owners and I have engaged in heated disagreement with other members on a variety of matters. So far, I am still around and I have not received any notice.

On some social issues my views probably directly conflicts strongly with the Calgun administrator's views but I have never experience any censorship nor warning from Calgun administrator regarding my believes.

Anonymous said...

Get over yourself you pathetic little retard

Fletch said...

I couldn't help but notice the last comment by David Codrea was made anonymously, instead of from the blogger account the he uses on his blog. I went ahead and sent him an e-mail with the comment, and told him that he must be doing something right, and to keep it up.