Saturday, November 10, 2012

You really have no idea what you've just done.

I'm not mad. I'm just disappointed.

Ok, maybe a little mad too.

Voting yourself free stuff without creating anything doesn't work. Actually, it's worse than it not working, it actively sets you up for a terminal failure.

Not long ago, hurricane Sandy victims were crying out for the government to give them food because it had been... three... days...

These people, literally, did not have the ability to survive on their own for 72 hours.

I feel sorry for 50% of America, because they really have no idea what they've just done.

Folks like us? We'll be fine. We're survivors. We're hard to dissuade, we persist, we emerge victorious, even if it's only because we refuse to surrender.

Folks like you?

You'll be dead.

But that's not a threat; because you won't be dead by our hands. You'll be dead by your own machinations.

This election was just the opening act of a mass suicide.

The truth is too important to ignore, and if you ignore it long enough, you will fall victim to it.

I don't know if you'll starve to death waiting for FEMA to save you after a natural disaster (when they've closed their office due to inclimate weather), if you'll be stabbed with a screwdriver by a recently paroled lifer because you just voted down the three strikes law that brought crime stats down to 1950s levels, if you'll fall victim to simple government incompetence, or if you'll just sing kumbaya in a circle until you waste away.

The point is, we will win because you reject reality.

I just feel sorry that I won't be able to help all of you. (Not that you'd dare ask for help from neighbors or from a *gasp* church, that's what the government is for)

A hard rain is going to fall, and you people don't believe in umbrellas.

I'm sorry. Really. I did all I could to help you, but you are hell-bent on seeing how deep the rabbit hole goes. If you stare into the Abyss long enough the Abyss stares back into you.

Prepare yourselves, because you're pulling back the veil on humanity, civilization, and socialism, and





Good luck to you. You're going to need it.


JP said...

What really makes me mad is they are hell bent in taking you and I down with them, all the while picking our pockets for having the temerity of being wage earners. And they wish to make it impossibly harder for us to survive (while actually only making it more inconvenient as we still can over come their short life span primers and other obstacles). I can live rather well off the land if needed, but I prefer not to.

Fletch said...

Now is the time to tighten the belt. I'm not making a lot of money right now, I'd rather make more (mostly because I always have), but now that the election and half the electorate has gone sideways, it almost feels like going Galt.

Maybe that's the only solution.

JP said...

indeed. Since this regime, and even with a corporate buyout, I've had two raises and niether has been in line with inflation, so I am making "less" and I know the profit made on my work (some products it nears 1000%!) so I still tend to be a tad grumpy about it. But I also know how much more it is costing to just keep me on as a worker, and how much more I will be losing to taxes if I had those more in line raises and part is happy they are going into capital improvements and not to fund some failing green project.

JP said...

thought of this convo as soon as I read this from Sarah Hoyt:
Don't know if you read her or not (The Darkship books are very good)but take a gander at her blog and some of her short stories.

Fletch said...

Great read, JP. Thanks for the link!