Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Hassled for Open Carrying Part 2

First hassling is here.

While open carrying in Wal-Mart, I was hassled by a patron.

He had a large frame and a large, semi-lean body, a black fleece, and a 5.11 tactical hat (no, really). So you already know where this is going. He's a cop.

I noticed him reacting to me, and kept him in my peripheral while continuing to act normal, because when you act like it's normal, other people act like it's normal.

When my wife and I were ahead of him in the girls' toy aisle, he pushed his cart closer and passed my wife behind me.

"You can't carry that."
Turning and smiling, I replied as innocently as possible, "Which?"
Nodding to the gun on my hip, "You can't carry that in here."
"Yes I can."
"Are you a cop?"
"Nope. Just a private citizen carrying openly."
"Well you can't carry that in here."
"I've carried in here dozens of times, and have never had any problems. I pretty much open carry everywhere without any issues. Are you a cop?" (I asked, as if I didn't already know.)
"Yeah, and I have to show up when people call to complain about people like you."
"Do you have a concealed carry permit?"
"No. The state of Kentucky does not allow me to apply for one."
"Yeah, well, there are a lot of dangerous stupid people and drunks around this time of night, and it only takes one of them to make a bad situation with people like you. You're better off just leaving it in the car."

I was thinking "Yeah, well, that's just, like, your opinion, man." so hard that I'm pretty sure he heard me.


So, there are dangerous people around, so it would be better if I were unarmed? It sure didn't look like he was carrying, so maybe he was planning on kung fu fighting any "dangerous drunks" he ran into.

I believe this was the last thing I said before I just turned and walked away. When Mrs ET reads this she might have some changes or updates, I'll add them if necessary.

We continued shopping, and passed by this guy again, who was busy on his phone rather than shooting me daggers or working himself into a huff. My wife felt like he expected us to rush out of the store in disgrace. Not a chance.

To his credit (what little there is to give), he didn't go to the manager and lodge a complaint "as a concerned civvy-- I mean- civilian-- I mean regular normal person." Then again, maybe he did, and they just didn't do anything. I've talked to one of the managers there while open carrying with no issue. He glanced at my gun a couple times, but was professional and helpful.

So, the two times I've been hassled for Open Carrying have been by cops. All the other regular normal people just don't care.

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Ron said...

I'm curious, why will Kentucky not issue you a CCDW permit?

Fletch said...

Kentucky does not allow you to apply for a CCDW permit until you have resided in the state for 6 months.