Sunday, November 18, 2012

Making gun stores a better place, one customer at a time.

I was digging through my old posts, and found one called Gun Store Jerks, wherein I explain why gun store employees and owners shouldn't feel justified in acting like jerks.

Having had the opportunity practice what I preach twice before, I realized I was already had my third opportunity.

I couldn't stand the way I was usually treated at gun stores; ignored, eye-rolled, abandoned, sighed at, laughed at, and generally made to feel that I was putting upon the employees with my mere presence.

So when I started working at one, I had the opportunity to change all that, and you know what?

After customers laugh derisively at me, point guns at me, argue with me over verifiably wrong second-hand opinions, wave loaded guns around, break safety rules after being told multiple times not to, and persist in knowing absolutely nothing about firearms and demand I teach them all I know?

I still refuse to treat them badly.

Customers gonna cust. They'll do it in every industry because they're customers. My job is not to stand around all day and wait out the clock, my job is to wait on customers, and provide my firearms knowledge and opinion when asked.

When a customer wants a Kimber as his first gun because his bud told him they NEVAR jam because they say "Custom Shop" on the side? I offer my opinion, and if it is ignored, oh well. I grab the 4473. Customers gonna cust.

When a customer who has never shot a gun before wants a snub nosed revolver for home defense? I tell them a shotgun is ten times easier to use, costs half as much, offers "rack-ability," is cheaper to practice with, and is about three times more effective at stopping someone. I do my level best to explain why a shotgun is a better choice for them, and if they insist? I grab the 4473. Customers gonna cust.

When a customer tells me about how he was in the military in the 70's and shot a 338 Lapua at 3,000 yards and could hit a quarter "not every time, but about every other time." I just smile and say, "Wow! You shot .000000001 MOA out of a rifle that didn't exist with a cartridge that hadn't been designed yet past the curvature of the Earth? Pull the other one so I don't walk in circles all day." Just kidding. I just smile, nod, and walk away. Customers gonna cust.

There is no precedent that lets gun shop employees treat their customers like crap. Don't act like there is.


Guns said...

You can add multiple customers at a time, its all about how you manage them.

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In order for you to attract customer, is to be nice with them. And you're definitely doing the right thing.