Sunday, November 04, 2012

Catching up to the new normal

We're moving out of the in-law's basement into an apartment, so we've been busy packing and taking loads over when we can. Mrs ET is getting more preggers but she's doing quite well.

Moving out is a great feeling. Even though we are going to be on a narrow budget, there's something comforting knowing that you are in charge of your living space. Don't get me wrong, the mother in law was a great host, there's just an intangible dull pain you get living under someone else's roof. Maybe it only happens to libertarians.

The gun shop is going well, we had a run on shotguns and carry pistols for a while, but that seems to have abated, which seems to indicate it might have been Sandy-related. The shop has been pretty busy, but not nearly as busy as it was the last election. I think everyone already knows what's going to happen.

I'm still expecting the job front to kick into overdrive the day after the election, but I've stopped taking things for granted, and know that we'll be able to keep on keeping on even if it takes much longer. It's hard to go from making more than enough money to making barely enough, but it's a small price to pay when I remind myself that we live in Kentucky.

This place really is special. Lexington in particular. I have a hard time putting it into words, and will give it its own post where I can try to do it justice, but suffice to say: I still catch myself staring at the beauty around me. I can't wait for winter.

There have been a few must-haves, but nothing too fancy. The shop actually wound up with a Microtech Troodon, which has been on my want list for a long time, but I didn't want it nearly as much as a Mcusta that blew me out of the water. I went home, posted a shotgun on Armslist, took the first offer, met up and sold it the next day, and drove straight to the shop to buy it. I can't believe it's a production knife. This thing is art. A R T. It bumped the 940 I carried since I was 16 from the EDC slot. The Mcusta is so good that not a single fuck was given.

I managed to keep my hands off of all the pretties in the shop (being broke helps!), but just had to have a beautiful Glenfield 25 bolt action .22. I sold another shotgun to a friend and picked up the Glenfield for $80. The spiral rifling is incredibly sharp. So sharp that someone either never fired it, or meticulously cleaned it after every range trip. The sights are a welcome relief from the usual "classic 22" style, which consist of a round bead front sight and horns covering a tiny slider with a notch on the rear sight. I can't stand those sights, so I loved that the Glenfield had a square front sight post, and a flat open rear leaf sight, making the sight picture crisp and clear. Speaking of crisp, the trigger is a short, semi-heavy break that still manages to catch a seasoned trigger finger such as mine off guard. Overall style is wonderful. The stock has a classic cut and the long heavy barrel really adds to the appeal of the rifle. The front sight is screwed in close to the crown, making the prospect moving the sight back and getting the barrel threaded quite straightforward. The receiver is thick enough that tapping it for an aperture sight wouldn't be hard, but so far, I'm enjoying the additional visibility offered by the open sights. I can't wait to shoot it, and will update when I do. Being in varmit country, a long barreled .22 bolt gun can be very useful. Especially one with a can. The bolt is turned down near the receiver, making it more difficult to run lefty, but it's not really built for speed, and I think I'd like it less if the bolt was sticking straight out. The only thing bugging me about it is the balance, which, given the heavy stock and long heavy barrel, is right on the magazine, making for uncomfortable one-handed carry. I have plans to cut into the stock, either to lighten it or to put in a compartment for ammo à la the M6 survival rifle. Oh yeah, that reminds me...

I ran into a Savage 42 at a local shop, and began scoffing immediately. I picked it up and scoffed, I shouldered it and scoffed, I checked the sights and scoffed, I balanced and handled it and scoffed, I looked at the price and scoffed. By the time I was done scoffing, much to my chagrin, I liked it. Alright Savage, you did kind of alright. It's not the right kind of style, but it is a kind of style.

More detail on all of the above will follow as things slow down. See you guys on the other side.

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