Friday, October 23, 2009

ATF keeping our streets safe

Just heard an ad on the radio for 1-800-ATF-GUNS, the ATF illegal guns hotline.

The ad asks if you notice gang activity or gang violence in your neighborhood, then asks if you feel like a prisoner in your own home. Then it asks you to be part of the solution to stop violent crime, and report this activity to the ATF.

From someone who wasn't a great fan of the ATF; this is good.

Keep up the good work, ATF!


Anonymous said...

Good, maybe, until some disgruntled neighbor calls the ATF hotline & narks on YOU.

Then, Good Luck!

B Woodman

Newbius said...

I live in the Metropolitan Washington, DC area. I KNOW that the ATF is based there. Since I consider them to be a gang of thugs who believe themselves to be above the law, I feel oppressed and a prisoner in my own home.

Can I call their hotline and report them to themselves?

Just asking...

Fletch said...

I didn't mention anything about abuse (I think hotlines are glorified dial-a-probable-cause numbers), but I just wanted to point out the tone of the ad.

It wasn't, "Do you know anyone with illegal guns? Report them! It's the law! If you don't report friends or family members, then you are complicit in the crime! Call now! Or else..."

This was an appeal to the citizens to report gang activity and help keep their community safe.

They're not exactly off my shit-list, but this is one of a few recent steps in the right direction for the ATF.

Anonymous said...

Why would anyone want to call a federal agency for a local problem. Are you out of your mind. If your local police need them let them call quit giving the federal government more in roads to our lives. Especially the ATF they are the most corrupt law enforcement agency on the planet, and i can assure you will not act as a responsible agency but will come in just to abuse their power and misuse the law, all you have to do is look at their involvement whatever they touch, they are always out of line and out of control. If you want to call have them come to your house

Fletch said...

Anon, the ATF isn't going to fall on its sword. ATF management is not going to decide to replace itself to give the agency a new face. The ATF isn't going to poof out of existence.

So we can either bitch when they do things right, such as lend support to lock down local gangs that the local police have been unsuccessful at stopping, identify and prosecute people straw purchasing guns for felons, track and stop gun runners, or we can applaud them for targeting their efforts at dangerous people.

I choose to applaud good behavior.

I'm not saying they're full of rainbows and kittens because they're not. I'm just saying that the ATF has been moving in the right direction, and we should support this movement.