Thursday, October 29, 2009

Jailed white supremacist murderer asks for better accommodations, is given them


Jailed white supremacist murderer makes mockery of California death penalty

AP: Jury complies with lifer's death sentence request

White supremacist asked for the death penalty while serving 45 to life because the amenities are nicer on death row than in the general population. He figures that by the time he's done with the California death penalty appeals process, he won't care about living anyways, and will have enjoyed his time in prison more than if he were in the general population!

He is literally asking to be made more comfortable.

The jury approved his request.

What a fucking joke.


Fletch said...

How about if someone ASKS for the death penalty, we shorten the appeals process to a short conversation on the way down to the basement, and up to the gallows.

Anonymous said...

I volunteer to be the executioner.

B Woodman

NotClauswitz said...

And the anti death-penalty moralists hug themselves...