Monday, October 19, 2009

Obama makes up his mind finally!

Hotair: Feds won't overrule states on marijuana laws

Yes, after bouncing around a bit, the Obama administration seems to have come to a conclusion of some kind.

Obviously he isn't exactly leading the charge up the hill toward total legalization of marijuana and changing the way we fight the War On Ourselves Drugs, but with California making very loud noises about legalization, I think this might be the best he could do on short notice, and without being too divisive.

Hell, this coming fight between the states and feds over legalization might be the only good thing that comes out of California's inescapable downfall.

There's one area in which California's prowess is unquestionable.

That area is the ability to pass more taxes.

Finally we'll be able to use that to an advantage

I dare say I may have more than three things I agree with Obama about!
1. Merit pay for teachers.
2. We can't let illegals "cut in line" toward citizenship.
3. Kanye West is a jackass.
4. Obama kind of supports legalization maybe???

But maybe I'm being too hasty. I mean, he was for legalization before he was against it

I still have HOPE that he will CHANGE the policy he called an "utter failure" back before he had the power to change it.

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