Thursday, October 22, 2009

You don't need to make the slope slippery when you own the slope

I read a post from Ride Fast about how the police used OnStar to remotely and safely stop a carjacked car involved in a pursuit.

Pretty cool, eh?

No dangerous PIT maneuvers or impacts with innocent bystanders.

Except Ride Fast seems to think this could open the door to other uses, and eventually, abuses.

I didn't quite agree with him as I read his post. Maybe it's just because I have family in law enforcement, and know how dangerous there pursuits can be to the officers involved, but I honestly thought the benefits outweighed the possible abuses.

Then I read the last sentence of his post, and a chill ran up my spine.

I recommend you read it too.

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Fletch said...

Don't you for one second think that this has anything to do with Obama vs Bush or Republican vs Democrat.

This is politicians vs citizens.

This is a power they should not have.

I know that the president can't just pick up the phone right now, and say, "Turn off his car." and get it done in 10 minutes. It takes years for that kind of corruption to permeate such a large infrastructure. But I don't even want this kind of power and that kind of politician in the same zip code as eachother.

It's bad mojo. Very VERY bad mojo.