Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Parlee Posit #1337

In which ExistingThing pwns teh fanboy; lets listen in...

In a undisclosed Starbucks, ExistingThing enjoys his Brambleberry iced tea and some free* wireless internet, with a side of annonymity.

Hey, nice laptop. I just picked this new powerbook up, it's a mac. Macs are better than PCs. Macs are made of candy, and powered by unicorn farts.
Macs are also faster than PCs, and they never get viruses because steve jobs licks each one and leaves a layer of protective saliva on the network plug!
And macs look so good! The icons bounce when you click on them! THEY BOUNCE!!!!!!111
OS X is the fastest, most secure, most attractive, and all-around best computer IN TEH WORDL!!!
What OS do you use?
Macs are way more powerful than linux.
I respectfully disagree.
Heh, why? How could you disagree?
Is Blueberry the name of a pet?
Is Blueberry the name of a pet you have?
Uh, yeah. That's my persian's name... Do I know you?
How do you know my cat's name?
People often choose pets' names for passwords. Sometimes they try to make it harder by adding their birthday.
*looks at his computer*
...You don't look 38...

Disclaimer: A posit is, by definition, postulation. This posit has been provided for entertainment purposes only. Any similarities to actual events are entirely coincidental (no matter how many witnesses were there that day), and smack of paranoia on your part, if I do say so myself.
*ExistingThing vanishes in a puff of logic*

* God helps those who help themselves, and free services are there for those who take the time to learn how to make them free.


Anonymous said...

w00t...is there a 1337 somewhere? Damn hax0r.

I'm close to buying a Mac for portable audio/video editing...fighting it...but the unicorn farts...so much power.

Fletch said...

Macs are Ok for some folks.

For my opinion, you can read my "swimming in the iPond" post in the classics section on the right side of the page.