Friday, September 15, 2006

Bugger... Little help here?

Ok, so I need another gun. (I can quit whenever I want!) I've got a bit of cash lying around, and while it's not enough to buy whatever I can think of, I'm having a hell of a time thinking of what I can spend it on!

Here's what I've been knocking around...


(would probably be a yugo) cheap, reliable, effective, and damn fun! (and it should tide me over until I can build my AK)


It looks fun as hell, I could see plinking turning into a more frequent event with the low cost of .22 ammo. One poster argued about the G22; "The G22 is more of a toy since it's relatively impractical. Unless, that is, you need to do some CQB against an elite force of gophers." Plus it will fill the hole in my carbine-loving heart left by the California-illegal Storm *sniff*... So it's a little bit tacticool, sue me. :) It's a bullpup design which gives me a manageable 20" barrel, and it comes in lefty!

Benelli Nova or wood 870

I'm pretty decided on the Nova, but I just love the wood so much! (btw, DROOL)

1911 Springfield GI

Good starter 1911 that can be upgraded pretty well.

Savage 110

Or any other reliable precision rifle.

Some kind of Czeckoslovackizeign pistol

I don't know why either, the guys on calguns won't shut up about the damn thing!


More .22 love, and why? I blame Xavier for this...

sp101 (snubby)

A snubby serves a very particular purpose that no other kind of gun can, and I want one. Nay! Need one... (there, that should convince me)

Kel-Tec SU-16CA

Folding, light weight, .223 rifle of doom. And it takes AR mags!

I'd like to have a .22 very much so I can make more frequent trips to the range, but I'd also like to have a shotgun and a snubby! I can easily see myself getting all of these, but my question to you is what order should I get them in??? Of course, if you have any other recommendations, please leave them!


Anonymous said...

So many good choices. Good luck. I, of course, recommend an AR ;)


Anonymous said...

That CZ is a cool gun. I have it on my short list, but I want the stainless SP01 instead. Sexier...

What niches do you still have empty? If your AR is already built, you can temporarily skip the KelTec. Do you have a shotty? If not, get the Nova first. Do you have an M1911 variant yet? If no, get the 1911 first. Etc.

On my list, it would go:
Do-anything Pistol
Precision Rifle
Fun pistol
Fun pistol
Fun pistol
Weird, retarded looking, .22 rifle thing.

Fill needs first, then the desires. I've been on desires for a while, but after a while they feel like needs, ya know?

NotClauswitz said...

Since you've got the California AWB-virus chokeholding you, there's the CA-legal top-load fixed-mag Bushmaster Carbon-15, but for magazines and versatility the Keltec SU seems like a good .223 choice.
I went historic and got a National Postal Meter M1 Carbine instead.
My club has several Savage rifles in .223 and they are all sub-MOA shooters.
The Ruger SP101 got good reviews in the last issue of Gun Test magazine.

Bruce said...

The SKS is at the top of my list right now.

I have that 870 Exp. Magnum with the wood stock on it. Absolutely love it.

Looking at that SP-101, as well.

I'd go with the SKS. It's the scariest-looking one, and therefore would piss off Ted Kennedy the most.

carnaby said...

I've got the Savage in .300 win mag. Had to put a limbsaver on that sucker. Excellent gun to shoot, the accu-trigger is outstanding.

Also got a springfield 1911. Superb pistol. Get one.

Anonymous said...

Got a CZ-75B I use as a student gun; a bit heavy, damn reliable, indestructible. Out of the box the trigger will need some work.

If you look at the Mark II, also look at the Buckmark. My standard gets a zillion roundsa year through it with students, gets cleaned monthly whether it needs it or not, works every time. My students, especially those with small hands, seem to prefer it over the MK II.

If you're getting only one handgun from your list, I'd vote for the Springer. It'll need sights and a trigger job, but it will fit almost anyplace, go anywhere, work every time. See Tam's pic for an example.

Long gun - the Yugo SKS, with a handful of spare parts. Cheap, reliable, accurate to 200M, ammo is getting more expensive and harder to get, but still a bargain. Second choice, the Kel-Tec.

There's nothing on your list that's a dog. You'll enjoy any of them you get.

trainer said...

No question - you need a revolver. Get a K-22 for (1) class, (2) reliability, (3) cheap shooting fun, (4) hi-end manufacture, (5) pride of ownership and (6) a gun to train new shooters on.

You'll never sell it.

Anonymous said...

If you haven't got a shotgun yet go ahead and get the Benelli. I've got a Mossberg 500 and a Winchester 1300, I still want one of those Benellis. With the shotgun taken care of go for the SP 101. I love mine, although, like most ugers, I'm gonna need a trigger job. Check out Wadcutter's care and feeding of SP 101's for a great look at the weapon.


Fletch said...

Happily, I already have my AR built. Sadly, it's PRK neutered...

It seems like I'm going with the Nova first, the snubby (or 1911???) next, SKS or Precision rifle, and... well I guess the other stuff. That's all I can decide on for now...

Thanks for your input guys! I'll be keeping an eye out for these to see if I can find them in good condition for a good price, so I can accelerate my purchase!

And it looks like Brass recognized Wadcutter's SP101 from a mile away :)

Anonymous said...

You don't sy what all you have now, but eventually you should have all of those on your list. If you're going to end up with a nice AK, you could skip the SKS, or put it lower on the list.

There is nothing like a good Italian auto shotgun. I read very positive reviews about other autos, followed by a qualifier about using a powerful enough load to cycle the action. Hah! There is no such consideration with a good Italian. They just work. The 870 is another "must have"

Nothing beats a good .22 for cheap fun, but I tell you; There is no better way to spend a day outdoors (with your clothes on, that is) than with a good thrower, a few boxes of clays, a few cases of cheap 12 gauge ammo, and a shooting partner.