Friday, March 03, 2006

Drawing is cool

(keeping with my poor title selection)
I've been making an effort to draw more for about a month, but I've actually started drawing more since two days ago. It feels good to see what I can do. I'm *yet again* reminded of the power and control I have over the Fisher Space Pen, my drawing impliment of choice. I'd recommend to anyone who sketches in pencil to try the space pen, they're available at office supply stores all over. I've owned 7 I think. Anyways, I've got a few sketches I quite like, and I'd quite like to post them on here. Just gotta pick up a scanner, or mooch usage off my sister's scanner or the one at work.

I found that if I though about drawing enough, I'd get an image stuck in my head of something that would be awesome to draw. It's incredibly cathartic to actually capture it on paper.

Fear not citizens; pictures shall follow!

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