Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Thankless Hacking...

It sucks when you go through all the
trouble of hacking into someone's
network and they get all pissy about it!
Guy changes our account password with negative five mintes notice, hey guys, fyi i just changed ur pass to this about five minutes ago! hava nice day! ass. Our monitors poll for network stats like every minute, so their passwords were out of date and they locked out our account... so we can't get back in. no big, just call him... nope, he just went on 5 day vacation. Seriously! What idiot makes ANY change before becoming unreachable for more than a day?! That's an excellent way to get fired! So I hack our way back in and let him know in case he decides to look at the security logs and he gets all pissed off! geez, If I never said a thing he never would have known...

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