Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Google makes no suggestions completing the phrase "Islam is"

Google suggest fails to make suggestions for phrases beginning with "Islam is"

Go to Google, and type in "Christianity is" or "Judaism is" or any other religion, and you'll get suggestions for search terms that are usually less than approving of the particular faith.

But type in "Islam is" (without the quotes), and the suggestions disappear.

Google claims this is a bug, and for a minute I almost believed them. Perhaps "is" appearing in the word followed by "is" created some kind of redundancy that the algorithm escaped, but "island is" and "isotope is" work just fine.

What clenched it was when I wrote "muslims are" and the suggestions disappeared again.

Google providing no suggestions for "Islam is" is NOT A BUG.

It's them censoring because they're afraid.


Mike said...

Google claims it's a bug:

Considering how negative the other suggestions are (the top suggestion for "Christianity is" completes with "bullshit"), and considering how leftist Google is known to be, I'm not sure I buy it.

Gudis said...

"Shintoism is" and "Jainism is" also fail to turn up anything, but I suspect it's due to them being too obscure to really mock.

Eowyn said...

"muslim is" is turning up possibilities though.

And the first choice is "muslim is wrong" ...