Friday, January 29, 2010

BREAKING: Scientists have nothing better to do than think up worst case scenarios

So a bunch of scientists were stuck inside from the rain, and couldn't go outside and play, so they decided to come up with a worst case scenario for California's current El Nino cycle. They proudly present; Frankenstorm.

Frankenstorm is a hypothetical-yet-possible storm system that would build steam over the ocean, then settle onto southern California and dump 8 feet of rain over 3 weeks while pummeling it with hurricane-force winds. Then, a secondary system would do the same to northern California.

Well that's just impressive.

So how is California going to go?


With our luck, it'll probably be an alien attack.

Oh yeah, be sure to check out the comment section if you want to hear people whose disaster kits are probably a box of granola bars and a 7-up bottle they filled with water argue about whether or not this is true, could happen, is prudent to discuss, is Bush's fault, etc.

When the big one hits, you'd better have firearms and training to use them. Because whether by earth, water fire, or wind, there are going to be a lot of people out there who spent their preparation time arguing on the internet about whether or not the big one could happen.

Seriously guys, drop $100 on canned goods and water to last you three weeks. THEN you can argue about whether or not it will happen.


Mike said...

California isn't going to go by any of those. It's going to be progressives, which are a far more destructive force than anything you listed.

Anonymous said...

I live in Utah, and I'm already prepared for a Big One. About 3 month's worth. Build up over a long peroiod of time, & rotate stocks. And store what you'd normally eat.
But if a Big One (whatever It is) happens to shake my house down, oh well. . . .

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