Friday, January 08, 2010

Detail of Airport Body Scanner images

UPDATE: Actually, there may be more detail than I thought...

I saw this image, supposedly from the same body scanners that are being proposed for use in airports.

Original, NSFW version

This is an obvious departure from what we are used to seeing from these body scan images. While it was conceivable the resolution was turned down a little bit for the publicly released pictures, it seemed impossible the resolution was actually this good, and no one who knew batted an eyelash when they saw the white blob of shape on the publicly released images.

The site the image was on credits this site for the images. Click left and right through the photos at the top to see scan images.

I found these images distressing.

I do not approve of this kind of detail being visible to the moonlighting burger flippers hired to TSA.

Fortunately, with a bit of digging, I was able to discover the German site that presented the images apparently created a body scan-style effect on stock photos of a nude woman, and put the picture next to a woman of the same body type with a gun jammed in an inconvenient place (the seat of her jeans, presumably because they couldn't find a spot to pretend to hide it on that marvelous example of the female form) and let the viewer assume this was an actual representation of the scanning technology.

Link to the stock photo set here, link to exact picture here. The photo was just too perfect, and the negative of the photo was just barely in color. Just didn't seem right, and it wasn't.

So, it's good news that this kind of resolution is not yet available to the bottom rung of government employees, but to be quite honest; this is still rather revealing. Can you imagine your wife or daughter on one of these scanners?
Actually, there may be more detail than I thought.

Yeah, yeah, I know the guy who reviews these images is supposed to be 3000 miles away, in a locked room, in a bunker, in a hole, in the bottom of the sea, and the software has no storage memory, and it was programmed by Tibetan monks in the witness protection program, but all that kind of flies out the window when Miley Cyrus shows up, and former ditch digger, now TSA employee Zeke McRapist texts his bud in the secret room to take a cell phone picture of the image when he tells him.

Guess we can count the days until the first celebrity body scan gets sold to TMZ for $1,000,000.

I don't give a shit if it looks like Total Recall, these are a waste of money that wouldn't have stopped the underwear bomber anyway.

Meh. Flying's a hassle anyways. I'll swim to Hawaii.


The Armed Canadian said...

I'll sail to Hawaii. Google "Morning Light" for an example.

ErnestThing said...

Just because I withheld my comment doesn't mean I'm not envious of the hole in the water you pour money into. :)

iqrar khan said...

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