Monday, January 11, 2010

Constitutionality of permanent imprisonment after prison time served up to supreme court

Read that post title again.

The highest court in the land, the supreme court... is going to hear a case... about whether or not it is constitutional... to permanently imprison criminals... after they have served their prison time.

Is that processing?

Now, what on Earth could possibly possess people to believe it could be a good idea to give the government the power to hold people indefinitely, after they have served their time?

Oh shit...

US News: Supreme Court to Hear Sex Offender Imprisonment Case

I didn't realize we were talking about SEX OFFENDERS! Well, shit, in that case, lets broaden the government's powers to identify sex offenders by putting cameras in everyone's home, and give investigators the power to enter homes without a warrant, copy computer contents for review! Hell, while we're at it, lets get cameras mounted to everyone's heads so we can tell if people are looking at children for too long! Fathers that spend hours looking at their kids? OBVIOUSLY SOON-TO-BE RAPISTS! LOCK THEM ALL UP! And teachers? They look at hundreds of children every day for hours at a time! HOW CAN WE LET THIS STAND?! Doctors claim to be doing "medical exams" on children, but WE KNOW WHAT THEY ARE THINKING! LOCK THEM ALL UP!


That's right, even capital "L" libertarians will go "full retard" when the subject of sex offenders comes up. So let me make this clear...

If you want to imprison sex offenders for life, you CHANGE THE GODDAMN LAW.

You do NOT grant a series of bureaucrats a new power to imprison people who- by their own definition- are rehabilitated!

I understand that the system we have right now doesn't work. When people who simply possess a standard capacity ammunition magazine go to jail longer than child molesters, you know the system is broken.

The solution is not to add new powers to do something that we have the power to change.

When the blade on your lawnmower is dull, you don't attach a kitchen knife to a motor, hang it in front of your broken mower, and push it around your yard.

Because that would be obtuse, stupid, and dangerous.

Because that's exactly what this law is.

So sharpen the blade. Fix the sentencing limits. If you think child molesters should get life in prison (and, I do) then change the law so those convicted can get life without possibility of parole.

This is unbelievable.

The Golem will turn.

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